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Paper Cone Production Line  [Selection Chart]


Activity To manufacture Paper cones used in yarn winding.
Type Of Products Paper cones of size 9 Deg 15' Embossed, 5 Deg 57' embossed and velvet finish and 4 Deg 20’ embossed using relevant extra attachments (length : Upto 170 mm)
Output @ 100% Efficiency Upto 40,000 cones per day (24 hours operation) @ 100% efficiency
Plant & machinery Paper Cone Plant (Reel Model) consists of :
1. Paper cone Pattern Forming machine (Output 100 patterns per minute) – 1 No.
2. Glueing machine – 1 No.
3. Paper Cone winders – 3 Nos.
4. Automatic Paper cone finishing machine
– 1 No.
land & Building (Approx) 250 SQ.MTRS (OR) 2500 SQ.FEET.
Power Required 22 KW without Drier (with air compressor)
Direct Operators Required 6 Persons per shift + helpers
Raw Material Requirement Kraft Paper reels, Starch glue, casein glue etc
Technical Know- How, In-Plant, Training And Marketing Guidance As SODALTECH has their own Paper Cone Manufacturing Division, an extensive training and guidance can be provided alongwith latest technical know-how at reasonable extra cost.

NOTE : The production capacity indicated above is only approximate and does not include any tool changing times or similar. The production efficiency and the output figures may vary accoarding to size of cones, quality of paper like grammage, burst factor, cobb etc and other working conditions like glue quality, operator efficiency, weather etc.

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