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Fibre Drum Body Maker



This production line is used to manufacture cylindrical Fibre Drums using Kraft Board. These drums are used to pack bulk drugs, chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals, engineering, consumer goods, adhesives etc. In Textile Mills the fibres are also transported through these drums. Fibre Drums are the most preferred option wherever there is a need for a cost-effective, light weight but strong packing material. This machine is used to manufacture spirally wound paper tubes using various plies and glue.



Fibre Drum Ring Fixing and Beading Machine


This machine is used to fix the metal rings with the top & bottom of the drum and seamed to hold firmly with body.

Salient Features

This machine is simple to maintain and operate.
* Pneumatically operated clamping and grooving devices
* The diameter and length of the machine can be adjusted easily
* Automatic constant web tension



Fibre Drum Bottom Lid Fixing Machine


This machine is used to fix the bottom disc with the drum.

Salient Features

Pneumatic clamping to hold the drum firmly.
* The depth of grooving and diameter of grooving can be adjusted easily and quickly.
* Easy interchange facility of clamping.


Disc Cutting Machine  



This machine is used to cut circular discs (lids) from plywood or hardboard sheets for using as end closures in Fibre drums.




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