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Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine (German Model)  

Salient Features

* High performance machine with output up to 50 cones per minute @ 100% efficiency
* For standard cone tapers such as 9 DEG 15′,5 DEG 57′, 4 DEG 20′ & 3 DEG 30′
* Unique Patented Gripper Winding system which ensures minimum process wastage with less power impact.
* Finger Touch Paper Reel Loader
* Easy Reel Shifter
* Reel Tensioning Devices
* Rapid setting and size changeover facility
* Latest type glue applicator
* Waste paper exhaust system
* Online Printer for precise single or multicolour Printing with great flexibility of standard designs as shown in the colour chart.
* Drier can be heated with multiple source of energy such as coal or firewood or gas or steam or electric or thermic
* heating with automatic energy saving device.
* Inner logo printer (Optional)

Fully Automatic Cone Finishing Machine - Twin Index  

Salient Features

* One machine for all integrated finishing    operations
* Nosing (Top Curling)
* Nose End Lubrication
* Bottom burnishing
* Half moon punching with single groove at the    base
* Surface Velvet Finishing
* Concentric Grooving
* Automatic counting & nesting
* Dust Collection System provided

Automatic Cone Drier  

Salient Features

Fully Automatic and compatible with the main winder. Heavy duty machine with latest energy saving system for reduced operating cost.

Pattern Developing Machine (Japanese Model)  


* To cut Patterns of the required shape
* To grind the edge of the pattern for fine joint
* To print the top and bottom of the Cone, Using    paper roll as raw materials.

Principle of Operation

The raw material in Paper roll form is loaded in the reel stand and the web is fed between the feeding rollers and then passed through top and bottom printer. Then the patterns get grinding in one edge of the pattern. Finally the pattern is made as per the shape of the cutting blades position. All the above operations are done automatically and in sequence without any manual interruption. The setting of these operations are flexible according the standard requirement.

     Prime Features of the Machine

   * Single machine to do several operation hence space.and Labour saved
   * Continuous operation, hence less process waste
   * Online Printer with selected standard printing design
   * Pattern Shape can be easily adjustable
   * M.S.Fabricated strong structure to with stand heavy Work Loads
   * Advanced design machine, yet single to operate and Maintain
Cone Winder With Glueing Machine  


To wind the preglued patterns into paper cones.

Principle of Operation

The operator picks up the glued pattern from the nearby conveyor and feeds to the winding mandrel slot. Through the pedal the clutch gets engaged and spindle rotates to form a tightly wound cone. The wound cone is ejected out by compressed air automatically.

Prime Features of the Machine

*  Sturdy and fully enclosed gear box.
* Single revolution clutch for higher production     with less rejections.
*  Rapid mandrel interchanging facility.


5-In-One Paper Cone Finishing Machine



To do the following finishing operations :

1.Base cutting
3.Bull nosing
4.Velvet Finishing
5.Automatic counting & Nesting attachment


The machine is having a strong-welded body to withstand the fluctuating work load, the depth of Nose, cutting length, grooving length, Velveting location, effect etc can be easily adjustable according to the standard requirements.

Model No : ACFM 300

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Working Principle

The machine is easy to operate, set & maintain. The sizes of cones can be interchanged easily. The unfinished cones are inserted on the mandrel by a simple manipulation. The cones are indexed automatically to the next station where the bull nosing, bottom grooving and base cutting are done automatically. Then the cones are passed to the Velvet finishing area where the rotary abrasive belt makes necessary velveting effect to the surface of the cones. The Dust collection device collects the excess dust produced in the system and collected in a disposable bag. Then the velvetted cones pass to the ejection station. The air assisted mechanical stripper removes the cones and cutting wastes. The finished cones are collected automatically in the Counting & Nesting arrangement. The cut waste scrap escapes separately. The cycle repeats continuously.

Technical Specifications
Minimum length of cones
180 mm
Maximum length of cones 230 mm
Angles of cones processed 9 Deg 15', 3 Deg 30'
Using extra attachments 4 Deg 20', 5 Deg 57' etc.
Output 22 cones / minute (or) approx.
30,000 cones per day of 23 hours operation
Total Power 3 KW (Three KW) 0
Man Power One Simple Helper
Air Requirement Approx. 100 litres per minute at 5 kg pressure
Standard Accessories 1. Any one standard size mandrel
2. One Cutting & Base grooving device
3. Velvet Finisher
4. Nesting & counting device
5. Standard electrical motors & control & Dust collection system.
Dimensions of the Machine (Approx) 3850 mm Long x 1450 mm Width x 1925 mm Height x 680 kgs weight.  
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Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine
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